The Resistance Army Audio Project

Aiden and Lucas

What happened to you? You're not the same. Something in your head made a violent change.

from Filler

Bombs and Beating Hearts

How can you be afraid if your life never even starts? We're the deadliest things in the world, fucking bombs and beating hearts.


And I'd like to sing you a glorious song... As we cross the bridge, from "What if we're right?"s, to "What could be wrong?"s

from The Bridge

Fuck, Yes!!!!

When we fight, we're fighting for our lives. And you can bet that's a threat and we're not gonna stop until every last law is broken and every fucking cop is dead.

Harper's Ferry Arsenal

Alienated, we flock to the convenience of alienation and further cycle of exploitation and oppression, but I hope and I dream of a world where we rely on ourselves for all we need.

James Miska

I see no reason we should all live and die alone.

from Trebuchet

Rise Over Run

I want peace. We all want peace. But I'd rather be free.

Ten Times Over

This time we're not moving a fucking inch.

The Mooks

Ten yard fight scoring in the end zone, while I'm stuck in the friend zone. You say you wanna be best friends. Fuck that. I wanna be your boyfriend.

from Sweet Corn

Yunavi (formerly Trebuchet)

We don't care about the fire that's coming, because we're already candles burning.